The specialists of “mosekomonitoring” recorded abundant saturation of the air in Moscow sulfide, sometimes exceeding the norm more than twice.

It is noted that elevated concentrations of hydrogen sulfide on Sunday, June 25, detected to the East and South-East of the Russian capital, informs “the Russian Dialogue.”

It is noted that at 1:00, the maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances in the Kosino-Ukhtomsky was exceeded 2.91 times.

The level of air pollution the night also was exceeded in Kapotnya (1,84 MPC M. R.), Vykhino-Zhulebino (of 1.42 MPC M. R.) and Lublin (M. R. 1, 1 Mac).

Such abnormal phenomena for Moscow and the Moscow region have already become familiar. In recent times excess of hydrogen sulfide in the air over the Russian capital was marked on may 17 and 18 .