The famous singer has admitted that this summer her 15-year-old son Arkhip plans to go to work.

The son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan’s studies in the United States. According to the singer, Arkhip is a rough kid: the guy all the time devoted to the study and never squanders money. During the year of study Arkhip really improved my English skills, what stellar parents are very happy. In summer, their heir will return to Russia on vacation and intend to get a job, according to “Russian conversation”.

According to Natasha, the boy plans to do the simplest work. While we are talking about working at McDonald’s. The singer admitted that the exact place of work, they have not yet determined, but the fact that the beneficiary will work is the fact.

“He wants to start earning money. I think he is not hurt,” – commented the decision of the son of the artist . Star is proud to be her heir, unlike many children of celebrities, knows the value of money.

The Queen also noted that while her son has no permanent girl, but she’s happy with that fact. According to her, it is too early to become a grandmother.

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