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Ukraine news: Pupils of a kindergarten № 135 Odessa became ill in the afternoon, July 20.

Last weekend 16 students of the Odessa kindergarten No. 135 felt unwell. This was announced by the Director of the Department of education and science of the Odessa city hall Elena buynevich.

Nowadays children feel satisfactory, except one child, who on 21 July was taken to the hospital. The medical institution said that, most likely, this case is not associated with kindergarten.

“At the moment we still don’t know what we’re dealing with. There is an assumption that there is a rotavirus infection,” said buynevich.

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It was decided that a validation period to close the kindergarten. In the Department of education hope that tomorrow the DOW will operate normally .

In addition, the Department of communication GUNP in Odessa region reported that law enforcement officers check the information about the poisoning of 50 children in a kindergarten Primorsky district of the city.