Photo: In Belgium 20 cyclists injured in a collision with a car

During the race in Belgium 20 riders crashed into a car that suddenly appeared in their way. At least three people received open fractures.

In Belgium at least 20 cyclists injured in a collision with a car, according to RTBF.

Crash during the race of the provincial championship of Belgium were the fault of who was driving the car of a woman who decided to make a turn in front of approaching riders.

The leader of the race, rushing to the finish line with a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour, flew at unfolding the car, which led to the fall pursuing his athletes.

As a result, three cyclists from Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany received open fractures, four more riders – concussion.

A female cyclist died in a road accident near Kharkov

Earlier it was reported that in Lviv region the employee of the police to death brought down the cyclist.

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