Odessa international film festival 2018



Photo: oiff.com.ua

Culture news: Odessa international film festival announced the jury of the National competition program.

This year, Ukrainian filmmakers will judge the actress Ekaterina Molchanova (Ukraine), film Director and writer Levan koguashvili (Georgia), curator of the Berlinale Co-production Market Connecting Cottbus and Martin Blythe (Germany) and producer Marianne Slot (France).

Ekaterina Molchanova – Ukrainian actress, member of the Ukrainian Academy, performer of main roles in the movies My mermaid, my Loreley (dir. Nana Jorjadze), and My grandma Fanny Kaplan (dir. Elena Demyanenko), a nominee for the First National film award Golden Dziga Vertov. The actress also played in the movie the black Level (dir. Valentin Vasyanovych), which was nominated from Ukraine for the award Oscar in the category “Best foreign language film”, and short ribbon lilac (dir. Kateryna Gornostay ). Both films received diplomas FIPRESCI at the FESTIVAL in 2015.

Odessa international film festival 2018: presents promo video (Video)

Georgian Director and writer Levan koguashvili in 2010, debuted in feature film with the tape Days streets (Truant). The film was presented in competition programme of the 39th International film festival in Rotterdam. At the 10th film festival of East European cinema in Wiesbaden GoEast this picture koguashvili received the main prize – the Golden Lily for best film, and the 14-m – Levan koguashvili received the award as best Director for his second feature tape blind Date. The film also was the best film of the 5th Odessa film festival. The film also participated in the competitive programme of the Berlin international film festival, Yerevan international film festival Golden apricot film festival, Sundance etc.

Martin Blythe – consultant and curator of the Berlinale Co-production Market Connecting Cottbus. Since 2001 she works at the Berlin international film festival and is a founding member of the Berlinale Co-production Market. On 7-th Odessa film festival Blaise acted as tutor in the professional section of the film Industry (the Film Industry Office). At the FESTIVAL she has successfully conducted training for members of the producer pitching.

Odessa international film festival 2018: the official poster

French producer of Danish origin, Marianne Slot – a member of the European film Academy and the Union of independent producers. She acted as the producer of all the works of Lars von Trier, and more than 25 years he has collaborated with such Directors as Sergei Loznitsa, Benedict, Arlington, Naomi Kawase and others. Since 1999 member of the Board of Directors of the Danish house in Paris.