The successor of the famous talasahi not afraid to publish to the microblog spicy picture.

In his 25-year-old Xenia Sabitova there was quite a provocative picture that triggered the conversation among her fans. It is known that before the girl very rarely upload photos, which were without clothing, according to “Russian conversation”.

Apparently, the girl took part in a promotional photoshoot for the Spa. For a beautiful shot she had to take off all your clothes. To somehow hide the nakedness, the girl threw back the sheet, but the picture was still pretty spicy.

“If the weekend went with a Bang, for me the most effective means is the massage” – spoken daughter Sabitova in comments to the publication.

Fans noted that she has turned out in the photo very well. Many wondered if approved a candid photo shoot girl her star mother and spouse . “And mom’s husband and not against such photos? Although the mother of the world”, “it Seems, photos for husband”, “Mom was OK with it?” – asked Ksenia followers, but she did not deign to respond.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the marriage of Ksenia Sabitova was unsuccessful. A year after marriage, the girl decided to divorce her husband. It is still unknown whether there was a divorce.

Also in a recent interview, rose Sabitova, who has been helping people to find their mates in the show “let’s get married,” admitted that he would like to marry a third time.