25-year-old Chilean was lost in a life-threatening Madidi Park (Bolivia). After nine days, the Rangers happened to hear his screams on the river Bank a mile from camp. Saved said that they survived only because were a bunch of monkeys. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Primates threw him
the fruit from the trees, and when he followed them, they led him to drinking water
and shelter for the night.

The area is well known
a large number of insects and the presence of deadly infectious
parasites. Rest the injured hiker was told very vaguely.
He could tell it was running, then removed sandals, then for some reason threw
cell phone and flashlight.

Before the American turned the apartment into a real jungle.

In the bedroom summer one wall completely covered with plants
sprayed with a specially created system. On the walls – vases
and the pots which stand on makeshift shelves . In the bathroom
room flowers arranged shelter for different types of succulents
and on the window sills placed several greenhouses with herbs. Separate wardrobe
the girl highlighted for growing potatoes and pineapples.