together with the project partner, Carlsberg, ends the series on the history of the Reds.

May 1, 1990, remains a sacred date for the fans of Liverpool. It was then little-known Gary Gillespie goal in gate Derby has allowed red to take all three points and win his record 18th title of champion of England. Then the gold medals at Anfield didn’t seem like anything special. From 1976 to 1990 Liverpool won as many as 10 League titles and the triumph was no different from other…

“There was champagne and a bit of singing. No party. We had dinner with families. Our victory was expected. If I knew, I’d dedicated to the celebration a little more,” – says winning the trophy Israeli striker Ronnie Rosenthal. May 17 this year the celebration would be repeated…

It was then, 30 years ago, and started the damn series Liverpool. During this time the team managed to direct as many as 9 coaches, but none of them managed to change the number “18” opposite to the column titles of the club. Moreover, over the years the “Reds” managed to lose the lead by quantity of gold medals in the championship of England. In 1990 the worst enemy of Liverpool Manchester United had only 7 trophies, however the masterpiece of the career of sir Alex Ferguson allowed the “red devils” to bring this figure up to 20.

When Klopp moved to Liverpool, most fans were confident that the Germans will break this tragic series for the team. On the other hand, I think and after the appointment of Gerard Houllier, Rafa Benitez and even Brendan Rodgers. Why Klopp was supposed to be the most “special”?

Five years after moving to Anfield we can safely say that German is radically changed the game of the club and its image. Under Houllier, Benitez and the late Rogers “red” were the top losers of England. Like trophies was close, but something always prevented Liverpool to make the last step to the top. Interestingly, for a long time under Klopp the team was still with the reputation of “loser”. Yes, the team is playing beautifully and confidently. Yes, Klopp-Tim do not recognize the authority and destroys opponents. However, the final LES-2016 lost Seville. The League Cup final in 2016 losing to man city. The Champions League final of the 2018 shamefully merged the real world thanks to the “genius” Karius.

However, the trend is still disturbed and the fruits of the work of the German coach began to bear fruit. Every season at Anfield Liverpool improved their performance gradually. Klopp started with final LE and 8th place in the Premier League. After a year place in the top four and return to Champions League. After a year place in the top four and the Champions League final. Well, in the season 2018/2019 we have first real results. Liverpool in the wonderful style have won the Champions League and almost scored a Golden double. Typing crazy 97 points for the season, the Reds still lost the trophy to Manchester city behind by 1 point. Unlike their predecessors, Klopp is gradually moving towards its goal, instead of trying to win everything at once in the first and second season at Anfield.

It is therefore hard to believe that even after the crazy season Liverpool can withstand the bar and again to fight against a powerful Manchester city in the title race. Earlier, the Merseysiders have often done is a serious step backwards after an unsuccessful race for “gold medals”. Here is a good examples:

Season 1990/1991 – 2nd place
Season 1991/1992 – 6th place

Season 1997/1998 – 3rd place
Season 1998/1999 – 7th place

Season 2001/2002 – 2nd place
Season 2002/2003 – 5th place

Season 2008/2009 – 2nd place
Season 2009/2010 – 7th place

Season 2013/2014 – 2nd place
Season 2014/2015 – 6th place

It is not surprising that there were fears that Liverpool will pass after the “silver” of season 2018/2019. Nevertheless, this consistent approach has allowed Klopp’s team to stay at its already announced earlier level. Besides, the Reds gave up a major purchase last summer. In the summer the team came to the young Sepp van den Berg and Harvey Elliott, and two goalkeepers to substitute the Alisson – Adrian and Lonergan.

Main bet Klopp has been the retention of operating team and respect found in the last season of balance. Team left, Alberto Moreno and Daniel Sturridge, who received the least playing time because of the crazy shape of Robertson and Firmino. But the unexpected hero of the final rounds of the UEFA Champions League in 2018/2019, the Divoka Origi was offered a new five-year contract, although the player is not considered Klopp as the main striker.

With such baggage Liverpool and was part of the new season, again being the outsider in the title race to Manchester city. For comparison, the “citizens” where more spent the summer transfer window. Left the team long-term captain Vincent Kompany, who was treated more often than played, as well as a spare right Beck Danilo. At the same time, Guardiola has not regretted more than 60 million pounds for the purchase of a defensive midfielder Rhodri and about the same amount on the player stock, joão Cancela. On this background is lost even the transfer of left-back of Angelina for £ 5 million.

Within the team there have been some changes. Nursing company and parish rodri forced the coach to retrain Fernandinho in a Central defender. Also in the beginning of the season seriously injured Leroy Sané, who managed to bring the city a lot of points even in the role of a benchwarmer. In turn, Guardiola saw Bernardo Silva, a Central midfielder, not winger, which allowed Riyad Mareza become a player.

A lot of fuss, right? Which is not true of Liverpool, who looked kind of safe haven against the background “noise” of Manchester United. This was the main reason that Liverpool was underdone. Even if last season city managed to surpass such a powerful Liverpool, what to say now, when the citizens and even intensified? However, from the start of the tournament everything went according to the ideal scenario Klopp. Moreover, the Germans hardly could have imagined that a year will be so great for the team.

“Will there be a new season like the previous one? Of course not. Last year it was a race of two horses, but, unfortunately, in the EPL, too many good clubs. I think that in the city feel the same way. They are favourites, and all the others trying to defeat them, and we are one of those teams,” Jurgen said before the season started. The reality was different: Liverpool broke away from the opponents 25 points and didn’t feel any serious competition from his pursuers. How the Reds did? Met a lot of factors, which offer to select.

Goalie question. In the first round Liverpool won convincingly against Norwich, but not without a spoon of tar. In the first half, the Brazilian Keeper red team stumbled and was forced to leave the pitch due to an ankle injury. It was clear that in the next couple of months Klopp will have to put in gates arrived in the summer of Hadrian, who was previously a substitute goalkeeper West ham. To buy a new goalkeeper “red” could not, because the transfer deadline ended before the start of the championship.

Say, someone believed that without the “Messi of the goalkeepers,” as called Alisson, Liverpool will stand the pace of Manchester city? The Spaniard frankly not failed, but its goals in the EPL he missed. In the opening eight matches in the championship, the Spaniard only twice left the gate “at the castle.” However, with such a powerful attack Liverpool could shoot any opponent. And so it happened, the team started with eight consecutive victories, in the process, having surely dealt with Arsenal and Chelsea. To this point, city have already lost points in a game with Tottenham and lose to Norwich and Wolverhampton. Then it became clear that the citizens hastened to write in clear favorites of the tournament.

“Congratulations, Liverpool. You are a champion! It’s September and why?” – on emotions, commented on the gap to five points in September Josep Guardiola. “We haven’t won anything yet. Five games is nothing, not even the Foundation for the victory. I completely understand why PEP said it, but it was just a joke,” calmly replied Klopp.

Success in games with Lester. Few would expect Liverpool and city anyone in this season is able to impose competition. However, the “foxes” under the direction of Brendan Rodgers was shot in the first half of the season and even wedged in the title race. After two nobodies in the opening rounds of the “blue” got 12 wins in 14 games and has long been ahead of Manchester city. Besides, the team with the “king Power stadium” was held in 6-8 points away from Liverpool, hoping to catch up with the team Klopp.

Particularly striking out the period from October to December, when Vardy was produced 8 wins in a row. Including crushing 9:0 on the pitch Southampton… However, and this magic could destroy Liverpool. Vosmiruchevoj series started with a defeat at Anfield. Guests played significantly worse than the Reds in that game, but thanks to a goal by Madison wards Rodgers would take a draw 1:1. But Liverpool found the strength to pull out a victory thanks to a penalty in the last seconds of the match.




“We want to continue to win matches, and you need to take into account all the little things. If I win eight games in a row it would be very easy, many teams would have done it. It is not so easy. It’s really hard, such victories give the guys confidence,” still cautiously took a large lead over his pursuers Jurgen Klopp.

However, immediately after that victory, Liverpool lost their first points in the League (at old Trafford) and many expected that the city will be back in the race for his opponent. However, the second game with Leicester, which took place on Boxing Day returned to their seats. To this date Leicester only two draws in his field, but this time against unstoppable Liverpool he could do nothing. Take Firmino, a goal and three assists from Alexander-Arnold, precise kick from Milner, “dry leaf” of Alisson… Klopp has clearly demonstrated that the other contenders for the title this season can not be. The gap to 14 points from city and 13 from the degradation of Leicester, while having the game in stock… what the title race could it be? However, in the words of German was different.

“We can write its history. Never before in the history of British football, at least, a team with so much advantage to keep its leadership till the end of the championship. It sounds, in my opinion, negative. Why should we think about something like that? In the next five games we play with Wolverhampton, Sheffield UTD, Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United. In my opinion, nothing is decided yet and we have to play in all these matches the best way,” German’s as if the Troll fans who already celebrated the championship.




Self-Destruct Manchester City. About how Guardiola has strongly recognized the title of Liverpool from the beginning, we have been told. But do the bulls clearly did not stand the pace set in previous seasons. Certainly, to demand from the club the schedule that has withstood Liverpool, optional. However, 25 points behind in 10 matches to finish the season? It is not permissible for teams like city. And seven defeats in the Premier League? It hardly could have been foreseen before the start of the season.

Problems of Guardiola’s team began in the summer. The underestimated Spaniard Leroy Sané received a severe injury in the super Cup and was eliminated in the long term. Someone will say: “Well, Sanaa is not a team player and his there is someone to replace”. However, if you remember last season, city picked up a lot of points due to the outputs of the player to replace. For his speed of action in the second half, tired rivals have not had time to follow. Manchester is clearly not enough in the current season.

Besides, despite a lot of funds spent in the summer, city have not strengthened the centre of defence after the departure of the company. Moving Fernandinho in the defensive line, no doubt, a good step from the Spaniard. However, this decision helped only to plug the hole. What was the purchase Cancela, if his place still plays a Walker? We had to buy rodri, if his place is able to take Gundogan, the same or Fernandinho? Some questions, after which you realize that Klopp their inaction in the transfer market last summer, outplayed its Catalan counterpart.

The crown of the surrender of Guardiola before his German opponent was the defeat at Anfield in early November, when Liverpool scored three goals in gate of visitors already on 51 minutes. After the match, the Catalan spent a long time trying to find an excuse for the defeat of the team in the judges, but at the standings is not affected.




At the same time I remembered how the games of these teams in the season-2018/2019 influenced the final city championship. For the rest of the season the “Reds” had suffered only one defeat happened it was on the field, “townspeople”. Then in early January after an exchange of goals from Aguero and Firmino on the left Sanaa and decided the outcome of the duel. We will remind that in the end Liverpool did not score for the championship. Well, this season, the victory over the bulls became only one of the nails in the coffin of the League of intrigue.

Fortune favors the strong. Without it in any way. If you count the number of expected points of Liverpool, the coefficient of xG, it would appear that Liverpool had to score 13-15 points less than in reality. It’s a huge difference! I am immediately reminded of the above described saving in the game with Leicester, strained victory over Tottenham in round 10 (2:1), a strong-willed victory on the pitch of Aston Villa a week (Klopp’s team lost 0:1 to 89-th minute)… and on “old Trafford” Liverpool rescued a draw only 5 minutes before the final whistle.

In addition, after the comeback of Alisson Liverpool began to ignore the trauma leaders. Salah, Roberto Firmino, Manet, van Dyck, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, Wijnaldum played almost all games of the Premier League. This factor was very important for Klopp, who had few options to strengthen the squad. This became especially evident in February, when the injury was team captain Jordan Henderson. That is without the “red” lost to Atletico in the Champions League and suffered their first season defeat in the Premier League (0:3 in the field of Watford). However, the gap allowed the team not to worry about losing points.

All ready for the coronation. In February, it became clear that Liverpool must win the League title in March. Those gold medals, which is not seen at Anfield since 1990. And even man city have contributed to the speedy processing of a championship contender. In early February, Bayern lost to Tottenham, and a month later for the second time this season failed to mancunians Derby. Even if you already Manchester United and Jose Mourinho to help Liverpool to quickly become a champion, what else can prevent it?

“We are already too far behind Liverpool. Can’t stop them. They scored a lot of points and we lose them. It is necessary to focus on victories in other tournaments,” – he finally gave up Guardiola after the defeat from “spurs”.

“Told you that Liverpool will be the champion and it was three months ago. I’m not surprised their position — they are the best team in the Premier League,” admitted in January, Jose Mourinho.

“Liverpool is the best team of the championship, what they do, incredibly. Therefore, the performance of this level, this quality is something special,” – Frank Lampard also admitted the title of the Merseysiders.

“They alone go to the earliest title in the history”, – shared his forecast expert Sky Sports, Gary Lineker.

“Liverpool will win the Premier League. Throughout the campaign Liverpool were just fantastic. They have done a lot of work, so deserve to win the Premier League” – gave even obvious hater “red” Wayne Rooney played for Everton and Manchester United.

When literally the whole world has recognized the inevitable end of a 30-year absence, Liverpool, non-football realities gave “red” a new surprise. Yes, not only “red” to all mankind… the Reds were willing to issue title 21 of March, and in the event of another loss of points from man city – 16 March at the stadium of their local rivals Everton. However, for a couple of days before the game at “Goodison Park” the Premier League was forced to suspend the championship because of the coronavirus pandemic. Liverpool had only two victories for registration of title…

It seems that such a development would be envied by any Hollywood screenwriter. It turned out that to prevent the championship team Klopp’s possible. However, the price of football. Of course, any words about the impact of the impending triumph of the Reds in the emergence of a pandemic are funny, but fans of mystery has managed to find a lot in common in this. Most likely, the gold medal is not going anywhere from the team. Yes, and in fact almost all of the participants recognized the Liverpool winner. Even if the championship is invalidated, the memory of football fans will not erase.

This Liverpool is truly one of the strongest Champions in the history of the Premier League. The strongest you? There is already a matter of taste. We must not forget about the invincible Arsenal Wenger, powerful Chelsea the first arrival of Mourinho, unstoppable Manchester city to Guardiola last season. Yes, and how not to recall a few teams of Champions, sir Alex Ferguson, which held the hegemony of Manchester United in England for 2-3 years. Nevertheless, no team designed the title in 8-9 rounds before the end of the season.

Liverpool de facto champion of England. And how will it be de jure? Let the fans of “red” forgive me, but this is not so important. If all of the enemies, opponents, coaches, experts and fans around the world recognize you as champion for three months before the finish of the tournament, it is worth much more than the fact of the Cup. Liverpool was recognized as the best not only because of the margin of 25 points, as well as for the performance, which showed Salah with Manet. Liverpool were the best due to the “strong forward” Roberto Firmino, who even Klopp was named the most important player on the team. How can I forget a monolithic game, van Dyck and crazy saves of Alisson? And dedication of Henderson, which has not been seen in the role of captain champion?

What can we say about Jürgen Klopp – the Creator of the inimitable team and the generator of emotions for football fans around the world. Coronavirus pause was to teach everyone to appreciate this game not for any trophies or awards, and for those impressions that she gives us. And the emotions shown from the football guys Klopp this season was the most unforgettable. It is through such teams fans increasingly expect the return Game to the stadiums, because, as it turned out, one of Belarus will not be full. Perhaps this victory over the virus will become even more important than the interruption of a 30-year mechanincal series of Liverpool.




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