In the new movie, the actress played a victim of domestic violence. In several scenes, Kidman starred fully Nude.

Recently, Nicole Kidman starred in the new series “Big little lies”. The Director of the project was the canadian Jean-Marc Vallee, according to “Russian conversation”.

In the story, Nicole Kidman played a Celeste Wright – a victim of domestic violence. Her husband of the heroine, played by Alexander Skarsgard, regularly beat his wife, so in one scene Kidman posing Nude, with terrible bruises.

The Chain also got a few more shots, in which a 49-year-old actress captured Topless in the bathroom. It is worth noting that the series is replete with explicit sex scenes.

For filming scenes of violence, the actors endured a special make-up to the cuts and bruises look as realistic as possible .

We will remind, recently Nicole Kidman attended the Oscar ceremony. At the event, the actress surprised the audience with strange behavior.