The actress published a picture with her friends. Photo Litvinova posed without makeup. Fans of the actress believe that she looks just fine.

Renata Litvinova for many years as an icon of style and femininity. Recently the actress turned 50 years old, and despite this, she continues to delight fans a beautiful appearance, according to “Russian conversation”.

At the recent photo that a celebrity has posted on Instagram, she was captured without make-up. The star posed in a short jacket, a skirt to the knee, and short boots, her hair was carelessly in a bun. It turned out that the actress was photographed with friends after rehearsal.

Fans were delighted with the appearance of Renata and said that she obviously doesn’t look his age. “Without makeup even better . Natural and gentle”, “the Symbiosis of fragility and tenderness, you are beautiful, And without makeup she is such a gentle, gentle”, “Wonder”, spoke the followers Litvinova.