Yesterday, April 28,
in the Kremlin celebrated the birth of the famous Russian
artist Stas Mikhailov. However, fans noticed that his face strongly
changed, reports “Russian conversation” with a link to Super.

Yesterday in the best
the tradition of the stars was the celebration of the birthday of Stas Mikhailov. The Kremlin was
a Banquet, music was playing, and on the celebration were invited to many famous
figures of show business.

But the festive
pictures from the birthday of the performer struck fans. A
noticed that from the photos looked at them not the favorite of women, a singer with
a tight smile and a completely different person. On the skin of the Stas did not have any
wrinkles, the eyebrows are as if raised up, and his eyes “were opened.”

The Internet said that the footage Mikhailov looked so weird, like he
was limited motion of the face. Quite possibly recently, Stas moved
plastic surgery “the return of youth.” However, this
to say we can only guess.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian
Dialogue” reported that Mihaylov admitted to fans that are sick.