Actress Alexandra Yakovleva long been a star of the silver screen, but in 2016 she’s gone and made itself felt was that the actress was diagnosed with a serious cancer, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to Liganews.

Yakovlev admitted that her struggle with cancer has been ongoing for 2 years. According to the actress, during this time, she has repeatedly lowered his hands and fell into a depression, but doctors and friends kept her hopes up – she did.

“You know, we are for life teach a lot, but nobody tells how you need to die. Here I was faced with cancer and dropped his hands. Fell the fear and terrible depression. Thanks to my doctor, who knowing that my situation is much running, said: no, dear, we will fight. It’s been two years of fighting,” shared Alexander.

Alexander Yakovlev, has gained great popularity thanks to the film “Magicians”, “the Crew” and “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” says the star of “Major,” Alexander Dyachenko told about the painful death of his father. It is also known that a TV weatherman Alexander Belyaev has problems with speech due to cancer.