Internet users were delighted, seeing the figure of a 70-year-old actress in swimsuit.

Famous Soviet and Russian theater and film actress,
TV presenter and people’s artist of the Russian Federation Tatyana Vasilyeva
stirred up his faithful fans a new video posted to your
microblogging, according to “Russian conversation”.

Friend the notorious actor Stanislav Sadalsky,
judging by the funny video, now spending time at the cottage. Judging by the video,
70-year-old actress has decided to prove that a strong woman may have everything: not
only a galloping horse to stop and in a hot house come in, and the branch cut off.
Its humorous video, she signed that, while other stars having fun on
social events such as Moscow International film festival, she nags

Admirers of the great actress was delighted with the movie . After all
she is depicted in a bathing suit, opening nice and neat
figure, especially for his age. Many fans expressed their admiration for her
body, beauty and zest for life.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian Dialogue,” reported
that Glucose is the singer flashed her Breasts on the red carpet