The bill, which allows Higher anti-corruption court of Ukraine (WACHS) to consider only the case on top of corruption, must be taken prior to beginning work of this institution, believes the elected people’s Deputy from the party “servant of the people” Anastasia Krasnoselskaya.

“The draft law on the jurisdiction of the anti-corruption court. In fact, it is very important to try to adopt this bill before the start time of the court until 5 September,” – said Krasnoselskaya the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in Truskavets in Lviv region.

According to her, is necessary in order not to clutter the WAX are not associated with the top-corruption.

“Now the situation is that, on the counting of judicial administration, anti-corruption awaiting (transfer to other courts – if) 500 3 thousand or 3 thousand 700 cases. For 38 judges (VASK – if) is a lot. Moreover, of these 3.5 million cases only 200 cases (about 5%) are related to top corruption,” the politician said.

She stressed that with such a large number of cases judges VASK it will be difficult to achieve results, “the court physically can’t cope” and his work is blocked.

Krasnoselskaya reminded that the idea of the presidential draft law on the jurisdiction of VASK is that to focus its activity on cases on top of corruption that was expected initially, when the anti-corruption court. According to her, if not there will be changes to the law and jurisdiction of VASK will not be changed, that to abandon the received cases, the court can not, and will have to make a decision, “what to do with this huge number of cases”.

Krasnoselskaya also said that in addition to the bill to change jurisdiction of VASK among the priority bills to be re-submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill introducing criminal liability for illicit enrichment. “With regard to illicit enrichment. The bill requires the restoration of criminal liability for illicit enrichment and (introduction – if) a new tool – the civil confiscation of unaccounted assets. This bill, as far as I know, it is also planned to fast privnesenie,” – said a future MP.

She did not rule out the emergence in the draft law amendments are possible after consultations with international partners. “It is absolutely normal and healthy process,” said Krasnoselskaya.

As reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky July 8, registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill to eliminate the potential problem of restarting of judges of the Supreme court anti-corruption and to provide effective review of criminal proceedings for corruption crimes of the officials. Bill No. 10426 “On amendments to the law of Ukraine “On Higher anti-corruption court” (about the beginning of the court’s work)” were determined by the President as urgent.

The President of Ukraine introduced to the Verkhovna Rada on 17 July, the bill No. 10461 “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on confiscation of illegal assets of persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government, and the punishment for the acquisition of such assets”, introducing criminal liability for illicit enrichment of officials and Institute foreclosure unjustified assets.

The presidential bill was submitted to parliamentary committees for review, but not included in the agenda of the session. According to the legislation, bills not passed by the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation in the first reading as a basis, are considered to be removed from consideration and not reviewed by the new Parliament. Bills, has not lost relevance, subjects of law-making in the Verkhovna Rada of the new convocation again.