Early Friday morning, March 31, three young men on the “Lada” came to the kindergarten № 56 in Makhachkala and set fire to a preschool.

At the time of attack, they carefully hid their faces, wearing masks. Their plan was interrupted by the guard of the kindergarten, reports “Russian conversation”.

The attackers did not expect to meet the guard and stabbed him. About the incident told in law enforcement bodies.

“The message came about the fire, the cause was arson. It later emerged that the officer penetrating tangential wound”, — explained in Department.

Law enforcement officers are looking for witnesses and trying to find out the motives for the attack, which occurred about 5am.

The identity of the attackers is still unknown. It is known that nothing is stolen from the garden was not .

Earlier it was reported that in Dagestan the child’s head was cut off, and his body was sold to “black” Transplantology.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the actor Vladimir Epifantsev “warmed” in his apartment underage dagestanu.