Sinologist and
translator Bronislav Vinogrodsky spoke about his last conversation with
the deceased journalist Sergei Dorenko, reports “Russian conversation” with
the reference to “REN.TV”.

May 9, Thursday,
in Moscow, 60-th year of life died a famous journalist Sergei Dorenko. For
a few hours before the death star in an accident on a motorcycle, he met with
Bronislaw. According to the translator, Sergei talked about the fact that he feels not very good. As did the journalist, this is due to pressure.

a close friend Dorenko told that at their last meeting Sergey a lot
talked about his family and loved ones.

“It was not obvious that he feels bad. It was some
soft, reminisced about grandparents, about his son, about parents,” said Bronislaw.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian conversation”
reported that daughters Dorenko has accused his second wife of poisoning.