Alexei Makeev, who was wounded in an attack by a mob in the Mexican city of Cancun, taken to the hospital.

This was told RIA Novosti living in this city Russian Alexander Tolmachev, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the Russian Consul in Mexico Dmitry Bobota, Makeev was seriously injured when his house was surrounded by the locals. During the fight he also wounded a local resident.

The Russians gained popularity in Mexico for his videos, which publicly insulted the Mexicans. The local government even tried to deport him from the country, but Makeeva managed to escape from the police.

“Makeev survived, now he was taken to General Hospital,” – said a local resident Alexey Tolmachev.

It also became known that the Mexican who caused the injury Makeev, died. His name was Carlos Eduardo.

Published in network video, you can see that a certain time the crowd was not going to attack . But after the news about the death of Mexican people started breaking into the house to Makeeva. The same ran to the roof.

Earlier it was reported that the Mexican policeman attacked by a humanoid.

It was also noted that the Chupacabra is terrorizing the residents of one of the Mexican cities.