A rather curious incident occurred in the Dutch town of Nijmegen. In law enforcement bodies with the strange request was made by the lady of advanced age. She decided to sit in the chamber for arrested persons for some time. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Enna is now 99 years old. For
all his life she never had problems with the law. And that’s before
its 100-year anniversary the woman decided to implement a number of actions that
never did earlier. The desire to sit in the chamber were also included in this list.

Police went to
meeting the old lady, so I decided to fulfill her wishes. Annie for some time was
bound in handcuffs and booked in the chamber for arrested persons.

Previously in China, 72-year-old grandfather suddenly became a grandmother.

The patient was satisfied
the results of the operation, saying that the dream of all his life
he became a woman . Before surgery, the man underwent a number of tests,
said more than a thousand questions, which allowed the doctors to proceed
the realization of a dream.