Today, March 11, we learned about the rescue of an escaped raccoon in Lipetsk.

According to information provided by local news Agency, employees of the rescue service of the city Department of GO and CHS managed to save a raccoon, removing it from the tree.

As it turned out, the raccoon, which the owners handed over to the zoo, decided to escape and chew through the bars of the cage and escaped.

It is reported that the animal ran in one of the yards on the street Vodopyanova, the result of climbing the tree. From there, aggressive and frightened animal was filmed by a local rescue.

Currently, the fate of the furry fugitive .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” in the United States in the territory of one of the American universities there was a comical case: the raccoon, who decided, apparently, to be lighted in the Network, stole a student’s cell phone and took myself on a short film. During the day, a video posted on Twitter, has collected 200 thousand likes.

We will remind, in Brooklyn work in the morning watched the comical scene: drunk plenty of canned beer raccoon hardly stood on the feet, characterized by staggered while trying to escape.