Britney Spears


Photo: from open sources

Culture news:an Unpleasant incident occurred during a performance of Britney in concert.

The man was not a little frightened star, as I think he has a weapon. The incident happened in Las Vegas. Britney Spears, who gave a concert in the round “Piece is co show me”, almost became the victim of the attack fan.

In the video shared by the supporters of the pop star, the unknown came on the scene so quickly during the song “Crazy”. Spears did not immediately understand what was happening. After she was surrounded by guards , the star stopped speaking and in a panic started to wonder if there is a mad supporter of the weapon.

my baby almost got attacked on stage tonight I wanna cry

— Emanuel Jenner (@emanueljenner) 10 Aug 2017


“Everything all right? What’s going on? He’s armed?” — fearfully asked Britney Spears to the guards.

At a time when a man tried to withdraw from the scene, the star was quickly escorted backstage. To detain the attacker helped the dancers of Britney Spears. The unknown handcuffed and taken out of the room. After the incident, the pop star still continued the concert.