In Odessa in the night of Saturday, August 17, there was a fire in the hotel “Tokyo star, str, 1, which killed eight people, injured 10 people, reports the press center of the state service for emergency situations.

“August 17 at 01 hour. 34 min. in g. Odessa on the street Tap, the two-storey hotel “Tokyo star” there was a fire. In 04 hrs 32 min. units DSNs the fire was liquidated on an area of 1 thousand m2. The fire killed 8 people and injured 10 people (7 of them saved divisions of gschs). During the liquidation of fire evacuated 136″, – stated in the summary published on the official website of gschs on Saturday morning.

Fire-fighting involved 65 personnel and 13 units of equipment of gschs. The cause of the fire and damage are established.