The awful truth about the dying state of Alexandra Nazarova said her close friend Anahat Bagirov, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to

According to Bagirova, they lost an actress were friends for 50 years. Once Bagirov found out that her friend in the hospital, every day she visited her and cared for her.

A friend of the actress admitted that in the last days to Nazarova was torture. According to her, she almost couldn’t speak.

“At first, I came to the hospital for a couple of hours, even fed her. It is something else could speak, whispered, because my throat was already tube. And then when she got worse, the doctors began to put only 3-4 minute”, – said Bagirov.

She also admitted, shortly before her death she also had time to visit her and what she saw scared her in earnest.

“She already knew that he was dying. Confessed my lips: it’s all over. It was evident that her strength left,” – said Anahit.

Recall, 20 Aug died of Alexander Nazarov. People’s artist of Russia died in a Moscow clinic. 79-year-old actress was in the hospital since July. She had lung problems. Nazarova even fell into a coma in the hospital.

Alexander Nazarov was the star of the film “And if it’s love?” “The crew”, “a Winter romance” and “Love with privileges”. Remember the “Brigade” and “My beautiful nurse”, but, in addition, she was actively involved in dubbing, voicing more than 100 paintings.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Alexander Nazarov died in agony, revealed the cause of death. It is also known, who will go to the legacy of the late Alexandra Nazarova.