In Mexico, a group of criminals have made armed attack on Russian tourists, taking them all the valuables and the Russians opened fire.

According to “Russian conversation” about the incident on his
page in Facebook announced
Russian Consulate in Mexico. Notes
Russian tourists rent
the car was heading from Acapulco
in Mexico city. After crossing the point
payment, located 15 kilometers
from Acapulco, the Russians decided to stay
in a specialized place,
not skidding off the track.

citizens of the Russian Federation got out of the car,
the bushes appeared a few people
armed with machetes and guns. They
took tourists all electronics,
money, phones and even suitcases with

After that, they
took a few shots at the Russians and
the car and then hid in the bushes.
It is noted that in the incident
none of the Russian citizens has not suffered .

At the moment
the Embassy of the Russian Federation is preparing
note that will be forwarded to the Ministry of foreign Affairs

In light of this
the Embassy of the Russian Federation called on the Russian
citizens to be careful, to use
only toll road and not
to stay in sparsely populated areas.