Sports news: “White leopard”, MHK “the Dynamo”, “Donbass”, “Kremenchuk”, “Wolves” and Kherson Dnipro.

Executive Director UHL Sergey Varlamov told about the clubs that will take part in the 2018/19 season.

“Despite the fact that summer is traditionally a holiday period, work on the preparations for the new season continues. In the championship of the Ukrainian hockey League in the 2018/19 season will take part 6 of clubs. Among them – already familiar to fans of the previous season of “White bars”, MHK “the Dynamo”, “Donbass” and “Kremenchuk”, submitted applications for participation in may.

Also in may UHL joined Kherson Dnipro, who became the fifth participant in the championship. This is a new club, created on the basis of local youth – thus the students will be able to more easily pass the transition from child to adult hockey. Will undoubtedly help them in this experienced Dmitry Podgurski, which became the main trainer of “Dnepr” .

The sixth club championship will become “Wolves”, is also already familiar to fans of season 2017/18. We are very happy to welcome them in the new season, you’ll see “Wolves” will give battle.

Most importantly, we were able to retain the championship 6 teams. It is unfortunate that “Galician Lions” are unable to solve their financial and infrastructural issues. But their team will still exist in the format of the youth Academy, so, hopefully, in season 2019/20, they will return to UHL. At the same time, in the absence of assistance to hockey at the state level, with the support of the Kherson regional Council was able to create a communal team – I hope it will be a great example for other regions.

Now we continue to work on regulatory documents and the calendar of matches, and will soon present them to the fans,” said Varlamov.