Military analyst Yaakov Kedmi said was the most prudent decision of Bashar al-Assad for the last time. So, that Vladimir Putin suggested that Syrian leader to remove all chemical weapons to avoid possible conflicts. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Cause otherwise, the Syrian thugs of all stripes would stand under the banner of ISIS (banned
in the Russian Federation). Hezbollah was to be eliminated along with all the Shiites, would have destroyed
also alawites and other enemies of ISIS, including the Christian militia.
Christian Lebanon has ceased to exist, and it is about 10 million

Informed military experts intimidated the Russians are digital bombs of the United States.

In turn, experts do not exclude that such innovations have the right
to life . The degree of anti-Russian hysteria in the US is so high that in
the near future speech can go not so much about holodnoy, but goraca war.