Representatives “the First channel” declared that Yulia Samoilova in any case will act on “Eurovision”-2018.

Representatives “the First channel” and VGTRK responded to the prohibition of the SBU to enter for Yulia Samoilova in Ukraine. In any case, the artist will be performing on the singing competition and to realize his dream, according to “Russian conversation”.

As due to the prohibition of the SBU Samoilova no opportunity to speak at the “Eurovision” in Kiev, the singer will represent the country next year.

“Regardless of the venue of the competition, Russia will be represented by Yulia Samoylova,” – said in a statement.

We will note, today it became known that the singer Yulia Samoilova for three years prohibited from leaving the territory of Ukraine. Because of the ban, the actress will not be able to participate in the song contest “Eurovision”-2017, which will be held in Kiev in mid-may .

We will remind, the main organizer of Eurovision refused to influence the decision of the Kiev authorities to ban entry for Yulia Samoilova.