Powerful hurricane Gloria struck the East of Spain, led to the deaths of at least four persons, informs on Monday BBC News.

The victims of the disaster were three men and one woman in different provinces in the North and East of the country. Because of the violence of elements in some cities of Spain in the province of Valencia and other parts of the waterlogged street. In addition, because of the hurricane had to close Alicante airport, also located in the East of the country.

More than 30 Spanish provinces were transferred to high alert mode because of the hurricane. According to local forecasters, the wind in the regions, which was a disaster, on Monday, 20 January, reached 115 km/h.

The Associated Press notes that about 200 thousand people in Spain were without electricity because of the hurricane. Blackout, in particular, has affected a large part of the province of Girona. It is also reported that many schools in the East of the country had to close. Local authorities report that dozens of roads in the region buried in snow and it is impossible to pass. In addition, because of the storm and large waves in coastal areas were damaged many shops and restaurants.

Currently, the hurricane moved to the South of France, in the Department Eastern Pyrenees, which for this reason was also transferred in the mode of increased readiness, says BBC News. In the region were sent additional units of police and fire. Of any incidents in the Eastern Pyrenees, related to the elements, is still unknown.