Photo: Caters News Agency

The woman was photographed with her back to the ocean, leaning against the rock. The wave covered the girl with his head.

Careless tourist has covered the massive wave near the rocks at the time of photographing. Reported by the Mirror.

The incident occurred in the Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas. It captured on video.

The footage shows how a woman posing near the rocks at the edge of the ocean. She turns back to the water, so her friend took the picture and it covers a huge wave.

Behind the scenes heard frightened cries. The woman later admitted that she was sure that her friend was hit directly on a rock.

It turned out that a tourist all right, she climbed out of the water, but dragged dropped points.

Yesterday it was reported that the tourist almost drowned because of a selfie in a flooded Venice. Also the Correspondent wrote that the father potrollit racy photos of her daughter and became a star network.

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