After years of school of the young Communist League and became Minister for CIS Affairs Boris Pastukhov did everything possible to stop the bloody conflict in Afghanistan. Facilitate the participation of people in trouble compatriots, establish the relationship between business and government, thought the state youth policy. This interested the series “Life of remarkable people”.

The author of the book Vladimir Desyaterik proves: there are still the contemporaries, who in povsednevnye to build an extraordinary life. And the hero is that confirms the validity of truth: the greatness of the person is determined by the ability of all walks of life faithfully to serve the Fatherland, the native people.

As the Shepherds come to this? School with silver medal and diploma of the Bauman University, though, and came from a modest working class family. His career — from the district Committee to first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol — soared eyes .

Despite the constant employment, have time to take care of the spirit and life of young workers. Many of them still remember how the Shepherds urged them to live a full feeling.

He believed that this was necessary: and to achieve high results in work, sport, and for the exit of astronauts into orbit… Shepherds do not seek easy ways, chose the most difficult road of leadership positions. I witnessed how I improved at it the Committee on printing. Not only for increasing statistics, but also in increased attention and assistance to writers: from classic realist Leonid Leonov to the avant-garde and Andrei Voznesensky.

For outstanding professionalism and enthusiasm Pastukhov appoint a diplomat and Ambassador. In plunged into a civil war Afghanistan! Struggling tried to establish peace there. Nebezrazlichna, has accumulated a special experience, and he as a diplomat was engaged in the Affairs of the CIS.

Then there was a sudden, surprising many, the transition to the chamber of Commerce. Later it turned out that the Shepherds took to help the outstanding statesman Yevgeny Primakov, in particular to implement ideas for the improvement of the economy.

What incentives push Pastukhov such a life? Vanity and careerism? Prosperity in family contentment? Book fact after fact reveals that the matter of conscience, purity of feelings and intentions. This proves even the episode when the party Central Committee ultimatum he offered no particular reason unjust to take from the work of one prominent figure. Threatened: “Refuse, your career is at stake.” Refused!

The author is not confined to the biography of a statesman, sincerely and with respect, talks about a remarkable man, friends who just was not — from the astronauts and polar explorers to generals and figures of science and culture.