Photo: Protests in Moscow against lock Telegram

To protest against Internet censorship in Moscow and sounding political slogans such as “Russia will be free!” and “Down with the king!”

In Moscow began a concerted campaign of protest against the blocking of the messenger Telegram, Roskomnadzor and censorship, organized by the libertarian party of Russia, RBC reports.

According to the latest activists White counter, came to the rally to 11.7 thousand people. Organizers said participation in the event, five thousand.

The protest began with a March that ended with a rally on Sakharov Avenue. Sound and political slogans such as “Russia will be free!” and “Down with the king!”.

Facebook in the queue. Russia blocks Google

By 15:15 on the territory of the rally for #Telegram in AK. Sakharov in Moscow were 11.7 thousand participants.
Frame gradually begin to overlap.

— #Beliscity (@WhiteCounter) April 30, 2018 .

The organizers on its website indicated that the participants did not forget “to bring a couple of paper airplanes”.

This is a reference to the shares for free Internet April 22, when at the call of the founder of the messenger of Pavel Durov many users of the messenger from their Windows launched paper airplanes – a symbol of the Telegram. Previously Durov was called to participate in the rally.

Three Billboard

— The verge.Ru (@GraniTweet) April 30, 2018.

“This is a historic opportunity for Muscovites to Express a common position. The day after tomorrow can be too late,” he wrote.

Durov added that the last two weeks, a team of messenger led to “unequal battle with the Internet censor” for users from Russia.

Police specifically came to Alex at the rally and tried to foist the warning of the meeting 5 may

— Kira Armys (@Kira_Yarmysh) April 30, 2018.

Among the co-organizers of the libertarian party pointed out the team politician Alexei Navalny. The politician said that because of the police he managed not once to get on the platform where the action takes place.


Roskomnadzor 16 April is trying to block the messenger Telegram, however, as of April 22, he continues to work for many users.

Telegram it is possible to avoid blocking due to changing IP addresses. First messenger went to the Amazon subnet, then the subnet Google.

Suffered everything except Telegram. Network about blocking

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