The President Of France Emmanuel Macron

In June, the level of confidence in the Macron was at around 64%, in July was 54%.

The level of trust among the population of France to the President Emmanuel macron over the month decreased by 10%. This is evidenced by data polling centre Ifop for weekly newspaper Journal du Dimanche.

In July, the level of confidence in the Macron be set at 54%, in June the rating of Makron was 64%.

It is noted that such results are explained by the recent scandal over the size of the defense budget and concerns that the campaign promises will not be fulfilled.

The strongest decline in the credibility of the President of France was recorded in July 1995 by the then President Jacques Chirac.

Macron intends one-third reduction in the French Parliament

Recall that in early July, the macron down under the water on a nuclear submarine Le Terrible in military exercises .