A resident of Togliatti was killed for cheating at a game of cards. At least in cheating her suspected a neighbor with whom the victim was playing.

In a press-service of the interior Ministry in the region reported that during
card games between the neighbors had a conflict. The owner of the apartment in the street Golosova,
was done, decided that a guest is cheating, and asked her to leave. Woman
refused and started to argue. After that, the man began to beat the unfortunate,
reports “Russian conversation”.

After a while beaten to death a woman found in
the entrance of the same house, where the drama was played. The woman was diagnosed with a serious
trauma to the head. Unfortunately, to save her life failed.

The suspect in the application of fatal beatings in custody. Police
conducted a survey of other neighbors to establish all the circumstances of the tragedy .
Against the detainee criminal case is brought. For his restraint when
card game he faces up to 15 years in prison.