According to preliminary information, 13-year-old student found in a school toilet in Volzhsky city, yesterday, 1 March, however it became known about it only today. It was discovered by other students and teachers.

According to “Russian conversation” eyewitnesses claim that the girl tried to kill herself and slit her wrists.

The student was taken to the hospital. Already there the doctors took her blood content of alcohol and drugs and found out that the girl was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

Also doctors say that the girl probably didn’t want to commit suicide because the cuts were superficial and serious injury narrowly escaped.

According to sources, local media, the girl allegedly had a number of psychological problems and his act was trying to attract the attention of peers as well as adults.

Today the girl is in a drug treatment hospital . Her health already threatens nothing. It is unknown was whether the 13-year-old student in the so-called “groups of death”.

“Russian conversation” has already informed that in the Irkutsk region two Schoolgirls committed suicide by jumping from a multistory building. “Advised” them to leave the life in the infamous “group of death” in social networks. Domestic lawmakers intend to introduce criminal liability for the moderators of these communities predispose children to suicide.