On the site of a bomb attack in Barcelona

In the van that hit the pedestrian, found the passport of a citizen of Spain.

Police arrested a suspect in the terrorist attack in Barcelona, according to local state television. Details about the arrest are not yet available.

Earlier it was reported that the van that hit pedestrians on one of the Central streets of Barcelona, found a passport of a citizen of Spain. According to the newspaper El País, rented a car Driss Kabir in the Catalan Santa Perpetua de Mogoda.

According to official data, the pedestrians in Barcelona, one person was killed, 32 wounded. However, local media reported 13 dead and 56 injured.

We remind that on 17 August the van at high speed crashed into a crowd in the streets of the Rambla in Central Barcelona. Driver after hitting on passers-by fled the scene. Later, there is evidence that there are two suspects, and they barricaded themselves in one of the restaurants in the city centre .