It seems that in Ukraine, decided to fight with all companies that are somehow relevant to the Russian Federation: on the website of the Ukrainian President published the petition, which calls in the country to ban the search engine “Yandex”.

In the text of the petition States that the company “Yandex” is funded by Russian capital that “expanded into Ukraine”, reports “Russian conversation”.

In this regard, the Complainant offers “in the interests of national security” to prohibit the company’s activities on the territory of Ukraine.

In recent time, Ukraine has become fashionable to write the petition on the official website of the President. To appeal to be considered by the head of state, it must collect the signatures of 25 thousand people .

Often petitions relate to the Russian Federation, for example, last year, Poroshenko asked completely excluded from circulation in Ukraine, the Russian ruble and do not specify its rate. This initiative was never implemented.