On the morning of Thursday, March 16, tourist bus got in a serious accident on the highway Vyborg – Lappeenranta in the Leningrad region. Three people were killed and 20 injured in vehicle collision with the rock.

About this “Russian conversation” reports with reference to emergency services in the region.

The accident occurred at about 9:00 on the 28th km of the route is 12 km from the checkpoint “Brusnichnoe” (30 kilometers from the Finnish Vyborg).

According to preliminary information, the tour bus skidded on ice.

Five helicopters with medical modules are to be used in the place of road accident in the Leningrad region for the evacuation of casualties.

“It was decided to send five helicopters to evacuate the victims,” — said the representative of the North-West regional center of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation.

Office sends to the scene of the accident, medical helicopters Ka-32 and Mi-8 .

Citizens of what countries were in the tour bus, is unclear. The vehicle belonged to a private person.

Son of the “king of the New Moscow,” the 23-year-old Murad Balakiriev, representing “brother” racers Mara Baghdasaryan was involved in a serious accident on the ring road. With severe fractures, he was taken to the hospital.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in Tver the driver of the black BMW X5 crashed into a parked car and fled the scene of the accident.