Contracted players there are already at least three Belarusian teams.

The house of football clubs sent detailed advice on how to work in a pandemic coronavirus. The representative of the football Federation, as one of the clubs confirmed the authenticity of the document

The document has been agreed with the Director of se “Republican scientific and practical center of sports” malevany Irina Anatolievna.

We will remind, in may, the clubs playing in the Premier League, some players came down with suspected coronavirus infection. Minsk has already missed two rounds. The user comes in contact with the press reluctantly.

The suspicion on the illness of the players have “Isloch” and “torpedo-BelAZ”.

It is curious that among the measures recommended to exclude any contact with the press.

Among other measures on the organization of anti-epidemic measures are the following:

— limit the stay of athletes in the crowded places, using public transportation, strictly to comply with social distancing. If necessary, visiting public places use of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectants);

— in case of presence of coronavirus infection contacts of the first level (living in the same apartment, room, unit, hostels) and the contacts of the second level (with a possible contact at the place of residence, work);

— contacts of first level negative results of testing continue to participate in the training process and championship games;