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GROZNY, February 9. /TASS./ About three dozen preserved in Vainakh traditions, in particular the courtship rituals, Sufi spiritual practices and the cessation of blood vengeance, is included in the scientists of the Chechen state University (chgu) electronic catalog of intangible cultural heritage of Chechnya. As told TASS on Friday Professor, head of Culturology CSU Tamara Mazaeva, collection of ethnographic material from local residents were held across the country throughout 2017.

“E – catalogue is the technology serving intangible cultural heritage through text, audio and video files, links to earlier research… All the information is captured from specific people as a living tradition, not as a relic. We have prepared about 30 objects of the Chechen culture… Fixed unique value that people can be proud of,” said Mazaev .

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The list of objects that reflect to a greater extent traditional folk culture of the Chechen people, will be presented in the Chechen language. Among them, for example, the institution of courtship in General and, in particular, youth gatherings “sancharam”, which translated from Chechen means “joy of the soul.” Despite the fact that young people in Chechnya are often married parents, the traditional institution of courtship have existed in order for families created by love, without coercion to marriage.

The rite of the forgiveness of blood feuds in the catalogue described as an epic mystery. “It’s still topical, especially for the forgiveness of the people who unknowingly committed a murder, for example as a result of the accident. Tradition transformed: if before asking literally fell flat on my face in front of the relatives of the murdered, now this is not. But the tradition of forgiveness, although in a different ritual form, is still alive,” explained the Professor.

“Special attention deserve the traditions associated with the Sufi rituals. In Turkey, a well-known ritual of the Mevlevi – the whirling dervishes, entered in the list of masterpieces of the oral and intangible cultural heritage in 2008. Now this calling card of the country is only a representation, and in the Chechen society, similar to the rituals (Zikr – approx. TASS) – it is a living tradition,” said Mazaev.

To create a directory the staff of the Center of national creativity of the Ministry of culture of Chechnya in 2017 had about 100 expeditions to areas of the Republic, met with informants, primarily with elders in villages and cities. The result was accumulated field data. Also consultations with the known in the Republic of linguists, anthropologists, folklorists, linguists, historians.