In Ukraine on October 14 on the occasion of the Intercession and the day of defender of Ukraine about 300 scheduled events for law enforcement will be involved into units of the National police, the National guard and the state service for emergency situations.

“In Ukraine will be about 300 events, only in Kiev, the veterans and volunteers have applied for five shares. For our law enforcement officers is not a challenge, we are used to working at such events. However, we must ensure the safety of every citizen of our state”, – said the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Spring meeting on Friday, quoted him as saying the Department of communication of the Ministry of interior.

He said that will involve units of the national police, the national guard and rescue workers, will be actively working staffs in the regions.

Spring also instructed the executives to hold meetings with event organizers, civic organizations, veterans and dobrobatami to those, for its part, drew attention to security issues. In addition, he was asked to conduct training for prevention of provocations and manipulations.

The head of national police Igor Klimenko noted that the situation centre begins its work and will work around the clock to “respond quickly to any changes in the situation.” According to him, the patrols will be group dialogue and police dog handlers.

Deputy head of the SSES Oleg Melucci stated that all units are ready to perform assigned tasks, calculated the forces and means to all events in Ukraine. In addition to fire brigades will be on duty in the chemical laboratory and pyrotechnic calculation, and the airport “Kiev”” (Juliani) – helicopter medical option.

The head of the national guard Mykola Balan noted that it is planned to additionally employ 11 medical vehicles and 30 mobile sanitary facilities. The streets will patrol groups commit illegal acts, group monitoring, and group psychological support.



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