About 80 people were injured in riots and clashes with police in Barcelona on Thursday night, reports the Associated Press.

According to Spanish authorities, during the riots detained 33 people.

In the night of Thursday, occurred the most violent in the last three days clashes of protesters with police, the report says.

Demonstrators take to the streets to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the sentence to long terms of imprisonment of several former members of the Catalan guides, who were involved in the attempt to hold a referendum on independence for this Autonomous community of Spain on 1 October 2017.

On Thursday, protesters blocked several highways in Catalonia, including the main highway leading to France.

The interior Minister of Spain, Fernando Grande-Marlaska said the TV channel “Telecinco” that Spain would send to Catalonia extra police to ensure security in the region and allow those police officers who are already working in Catalonia, relax.