In the network appeared the new video from the group “Night snipers”, where Diana stood, naked and sensual, as we’ve never seen before. The Director of this short film was Yuri Grymov.

Here’s what he told “MK” about the new collaboration.

– This is a serious conversation on a serious topic. What you saw on the Internet – the theatrical version for the Internet.

Diana wrote the music for my film “the diary” based on the novel “Anna Karenina”. And then she had the idea to shoot video clips. She came to me with this request. Of course I could not refuse her, it’s like Allahverdi.

Diana was the idea of appearing on the cover naked. I told her that it is very difficult. The picture in this respect is much easier because there is photoshop. Exposure is very difficult, serious, and not so much for the actor but for the Director. It is important to keep the bounds of decency. But I thought it was interesting, and we began to work .

I am not interested in nudity for nudity, and drama woman who is with a man or without him, she wants love or lost love. In General, everything that is not simply interesting from the point of view of visual culture. We made a music video, then made it a little softer. This version and can be seen on the Internet.

I was interested to do a video, and a mini-movie. The timing doesn’t matter. It can be two hours or two minutes. That is a matter of content. I was against the tracks, thought that don’t need much to sing. I have the uncut version, and someday I will show it at its meeting. Diana this, of course, knows, because this is our joint project. The fee I had received.

Why did I go? I do not like when in Russia they say that in the West all the lads, here they have show business. It is not so. Diana is a talented performer, and recorded a strong album. I believe that exactly the same is happening in Russia and with the directing. Don’t see a problem when people admire clips “Metallica”, and so on. Everything is possible to make a bright, important, modern, decent but tough.

Our video will be presented on Western festivals. It was important for me to do it, because it’s hard and honest work, not some glamorous. I never had a complex imitation of the West, because to imitate is very simple. This is what is happening today in the movies, where everyone is trying to emulate Hollywood. It was interesting to do what is responsible, I think the modern attitude towards music videos. The music video died as such. It doesn’t exist in Russia like show business. But there are wonderful actors, interesting filmmakers, and the viewer who wants to watch mini-movies to music, and not just to see close-up of some of the singer in the dust.