Bright heavenly body will be visible to the naked eye. There is a risk that the comet will begin to break down.

Above the Earth will fly large comet, which astronomers have dubbed the “comet of the century”. This was announced by the astronomer Con Stoidis on his Twitter page.

A newly discovered comet SWAN (C/F8 2020) is already visible in the sky to the naked eye.

It is noted that the outer body will reach maximum brightness (+3 magnitude) may 27, 2020. Then SWAN as close to the Sun, at a distance of 64.4 million km.

Comet C/2020 F8 Swan at 4 degs elevation this morning Image Fritz Helmut Hemmerich.

— Con Stoitsis (@vivstoitsis) May 16, 2020

Another naked eye comet? Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE on May 14, at magnitude 9.5 beginning to emit ionic tail. Could be at naked eye in July. Image Of Comet Base.

— Con Stoitsis (@vivstoitsis) May 15, 2020

At the moment the comet is best seen from the southern hemisphere near the constellations of the Triangle, and Perseus.

Hello C/2020 F8 Swan may 19 UT 1.15 GIF 7x70sec red
11″/2.2 RASA QHY 600 Michael Jäger

— Michael Jäger (@Komet123Jager) May 19, 2020

Soon it will be visible in the Northern hemisphere. So 20 and 21 may, the comet will approach the star ALGOL in the constellation Perseus, and may 22 – to the Delta of Perseus and Mirraco.

Earlier it was reported that poisonous comet approaches the Sun. The Correspondent also wrote that astronomers have discovered a new super-earths.

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