Multi-purpose attack helicopter Ka-52

© Yuri Smityuk/TASS

TASS-FILE. 7 may 2018 when performing a routine flight over the Eastern parts of Syria crashed multipurpose shock helicopter Ka-52 Air and space forces (VKS) Russia. The Russian defense Ministry reported that both pilots were killed. According to preliminary information, the incident reason could become a technical malfunction.

Editorial from the guardian, the DOSSIER compiled a chronology of accidents and disasters of aircraft and helicopters of the Russian military in 2018. With the beginning of the year reported six aviation accidents with aircraft of the Ministry of defence (including PE may 7), four accidents killed a total of 45 people.

On March 6, when landing at the airport Hamim in Syria has wrecked Russian transport aircraft an-26 of the Russian space forces . According to media reports, a car bearing the number 52 was part of the 33rd separate transport mixed aviation regiment (airfield Levashovo) 6th red banner Leningrad army of air force and air defense of the Western military district. The an-26 was carrying out flight on a route Kvayres airbase (Aleppo) – Hamim. According to the defense Ministry, the aircraft collided with the ground, it reached about 500 m to the runway.

Killing 39 troops or six crew members and 33 passengers, among whom were major-General, 26 officers, warrant officers and enlisted men. Civilians on Board was not. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could be a technical fault. The defense Ministry clarified that “according to the report, the impact of fire on the plane was not”, and the weather conditions for landing “was simple”.

April 12, while conducting a night test flight in Baltic sea crashed helicopter Ka-29, the Ministry of defense. In the result of emergency killed aboard two employees of the manufacturer, – the test pilot of the first class Colonel Vitaly Lebedev and Navigator test class I Amangeldy Kurmangaliev. According to media reports, during the flight, which took place in normal weather conditions, tested helicopter landings on Board the large landing ship “Ivan Gren”. 25 April 2018 emergency rescue forces of the Baltic fleet raised the crashed helicopter from a depth of about 40 m and transported on Board a floating crane in the Baltic.

On the same day, April 12, Gribanovsky district, Voronezh region crashed training aircraft Yak-130 airbase in the Krasnodar higher aviation school of pilots (Borisoglebsk). According to the defense Ministry, the plane crashed in a flooded spring floods area near the village of Large Alabuga. Both pilots ejected and landed on a small island and was rescued. One of them was injured. The aircraft made a planned training flight. The defense Ministry said that according to preliminary data, accident happened from-for technical failure.

April 27, training aircraft L-39C Albatros (tail number “yellow 06”, registration RF-93310) participated in a planned training flight cadets of the Krasnodar higher military aviation school of pilots at the airport of the training base of the 2nd category of videoconferencing Russia in Maikop (Adygea). After takeoff, according to media reports, the engine of the aircraft flew a bird, which resulted in damage to the power plant.

The pilot-student of the 4th course Michael Emanov managed to put the aircraft on an unprepared ground without landing gear and was not injured. Devastation on the ground was not. According to the Russian TV channel “Zvezda”, serious damage to the aircraft has not received, however, published by this channel of videos of consequences of emergency was that the aircraft’s engine requires substantial repair or replacement.

On 3 may , the defense Ministry said the su-30SM fighter jets of the armed forces during climb after takeoff from the airfield Hamim (Syria) crashed over the Mediterranean sea. According to the Russian military, both pilots were killed. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident could be getting into the engine birds.