At the time of accident the bus was carrying 62 people.

At least 14 persons became victims dorozhno-transport incident involving a bus that occurred in Egypt on the road connecting Cairo with the city of Beni Suef. According to local media reports, 42 people were injured, three of whom were hospitalized in intensive care.

It is reported that a bus carrying 62 passengers, collided with the truck, then the bus off the freeway and fell on the road, which was held downstairs.

The vehicle belonged to a travel Agency. However, in Egypt there is a practice to rent tourist buses for intercity transport in “dead season” of the tourism industry.

Among the victims are citizens of Ukraine. “Preliminary information Consul: no Ukrainians among those killed and injured during the accident 29 August 2017 in Beni Suef, Egypt”, – said the press service of the Department of consular service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine .

Earlier it was reported that during a holiday in Egypt has died the head of Ternopil city organization of the Union “Freedom” Vladimir Staure.