A monument with “the Chase” is in the American South the River.

American South river (new Jersey) is one of the centers of Belarusian emigration in the United States. The first immigrants from Belarus appeared here in the 19th century, and in the middle of the 20th Belarusian community of South river has significantly increased due to post-war immigrants. Appeared the Belarusian Church, cultural associations, Newspapers and magazines.

In the cemetery of South river buried Yuri Vitbich, Janka Stankevich, Yefim Kipel’, Nikolay Lapitsky, Radoslav Ostrovsky and other well-known Belarusians.

Photo By Vadim Vasilyev

The restoration of the memorial sign in honor of the fighters for Belarus engaged activists, updated photos of the monument and video of his second discovery was posted on the social network Vadim Vasilyev. On the restoration took two days.