Party BDSM drama told interesting details about the filming.

It reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic media.

In the Internet appeared the teaser of the film for adults called “Buryat stallion”. The creators announced it as the domestic version of the acclaimed film “50 shades of grey”. The videos shows how a couple has sex during the presence of other people.

The actor, who starred in “the Buryat horse,” he told reporters curious details. According to Michael, the creators of the film have begun talks with the famous Diana Shurygina. Directors invited the girl to participate in the filming.

Yet the girl did not comment on a tempting offer.

It is worth mentioning that about Diana learned the whole country after the airing of the program “Let them talk”. The girl said that at the party she was raped by a young man . Suspect in the crime was found guilty and is now serving his sentence in prison.