Legendary American actor and musician johnny Depp has admitted to journalists that is in a very difficult financial situation due to the fact that he lost almost all the money earned during his successful career.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

In an interview with The Rolling Stone, Depp said that at the moment of his fortune, estimated at $650 million, almost nothing left.

According to movie star, it is really a lot of spending, however, could not imagine that his accounts are in such poor condition. Depp blamed the firm engaged in the management of his finances, because I am sure that the financiers had not informed him properly about what is happening.

“I money is not considered… And responsible for my current financial situation should be borne by the company The Management Group, which led to my finances.. . I don’t understood the documents that were given to me to sign, didn’t want to look at the damn papers because I trusted these people… But they did not provide data on the financial situation,” – said the actor.

For its part, TMG representatives have accused the star extravagance, saying that on one expensive wine johnny Depp has a flat $30 000 monthly.

In the near future the question of who is right and who is wrong in this situation, will the court. As Sam, Depp and company TMG have filed other lawsuits.

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