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Ukraine news: the education Ministry said, in what directions continues entrance campaign-2018.

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine reported on what continues entrance campaign in 2018.

As stated in the press service of the Ministry, while the registration of electronic offices for applicants to bachelor’s degree (master in medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical directions) at the correspondence form of training on the contract.

We are talking about those who entered the first year after school, that is, on the basis of complete General secondary education. Registration will be open until 18.00 on 31 August.

Using the registered offices of the applicants will be able to apply to universities in the same period of time that is determined by their Rules of admission, but not later than 31 November 2018 .

If the applicant does not have time to register the electronic Cabinet until August 31 then he will be able to submit the application and documents to the University in paper form.

Also, the admission to higher education through educational centers, “Donbass-Ukraine” and “Crimea-Ukraine”. They will work until September 28. Turning to the centers, residents of the occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas can enroll in Ukrainian universities without a passport, certificate and EIT.

Is also still accepting applications for Junior specialist on the basis of 11 classes. For such applicants the possibility to apply through e-offices will be open until 8 August. Incoming Junior specialist not only certificates, but on the basis of creative competitions must submit an electronic application until August 1.

In those institutions that provided the appropriate opportunity, and continued admission to bachelor’s degree (master in medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical directions) on the basis of Junior specialist on the correspondence form of training.

Your schedule also continues the admission to the degree program (except specialties, which had to pass a test on technology, EIT), graduate and doctoral studies.

Enrollment in institutions of vocational education in General, will last until September 1, but the Agency PTO independently determine the specific terms of admission of applicants. Given a set of groups, agencies continue or complete a set of students, however, the admission document must end before the start of classes until September 1.