MOSCOW, August 31. /TASS/. AFK “System” appealed the decision of the Arbitration court of Bashkiria refused to transfer the case to another court, the appeal will be heard on September 4, said in the definition of the Eighteenth arbitration appeal court (Chelyabinsk).

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“Assign the case for trial in court session of the arbitration court of appeal on 04 September 2017 for 15 hours. 30 min”, – reported in the document.

August 10, Arbitration of Bashkiria refused to transfer the case of “Rosneft” and AFK “System” to another court. According to “the System”, stated on 8 August, the disqualification of a judge “were considered violations of the current legislation” and the current composition of the court is illegal. Therefore, “the matter shall be referred to another court of the same level .”

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