For the last two years of tax debt of Ukrainians to the state budget reached 59 billion.

Tax debt for taxes, duties, payments to the budget for 2014-2016 has increased 3.8 times and as of 1 January 2017 has reached nearly 59 billion.

This is stated in the message of audit chamber, writes ekonomichna Pravda.

As noted, the bulk of tax arrears to the budget was formed due to the value added tax, tax on profits of enterprises and rent payments, whose share in the total tax debt averaged 88%.

“The ineffectiveness of the adopted by the bodies recovery measures against debtors has led to the fact that the tax debt becomes not only the status of “hopeless”, but later written off”, – stated in the message.

According to the report, because of the inaction of the State fiscal service, as a result of writing off bad tax debt to the budget over the past three years not received 15.8 billion hryvnia .

“The main reason for the sharp increase in the tax debt was non-payment by the taxpayers themselves certain of monetary obligations. Measures to prevent the occurrence of such tax debt nor were effective,” – said the press service.

“If at the beginning of 2014 taxpayers are not paid 6.7 billion hryvnia independently certain tax liabilities at the beginning of 2017 this figure reached a total of 36.9 billion. Over three years sharply increased the number of taxpayers-debtors,” the message reads.

“Such dynamics testifies to the risks threatening the deterioration of payment discipline of taxpayers and of filling the budget as a whole”, – said in the chamber.